Classic film essay Movie A?All the Presidentas Men”

1.7-10 paragraphs (1,000 word minimum): This essay will contain more than 5 paragraphs!
2.Minimum 4-5 secondary sources using MLA documentation and Works Cited: PLEASE NOTE: At least one source must come from the SPC Library Online Database.
3.Upon selecting and researching your topic, compose a minimum 1,000-word research essay

2.Next, find the opinions of at least two reputable critics. After viewing and researching your film, decide upon a specific focus or point-of-view about the film you have selected.
3.Create a tentative thesis and submit it to the appropriate Thesis Forum for peer review by your classmates and professor. Your thesis will focus on why you believe the film you have selected is considered a classic film today.
four to five credible research sources within your essay as well as a Works Cited section which are correctly formatted using MLA documentation.
Essay Guidelines:

1.Identify the film and its major stars within the introductory paragraph (italicize film titles).
2.Formulate a thesis statement in which you have provided a topic and focus on your film, based upon your perspective and research. This thesis must give your opinion as to why you believe this film is considered a classic, supported by at least three areas from the list of Items to Consider provided below.
3.After your introductory paragraph, begin the body of the paper by giving the reader a brief overview of the film, about 200 words. Do not write an extended plot summary.
4.The remaining body paragraphs will be developed using your ideas on the film as well as the properly documented research you have located from reviews and articles.
5.Remember, the purpose of this essay is to develop/support the focus you have stated within your thesis. So, write using only third person objective point-of-view with a persuasive tone.
6.Conclude the way you would any major essay with a strong concluding paragraph
Items to Consider:

Use at least three of the following as you organize and support the focus of your thesis.

1.What was the theme of this film? In other words, what were the filmmakers trying to tell the audience about life? Was the film successful in achieving this?
2.Who was your favorite character? Why? What was notable about this actors performance?
3.Who was your least favorite character? Why? What was it about their performance?
4.From whose point of view was the story filmed? Was this effective?
5.Analyze the use of music in the movie. Did it enhance the story the filmmakers were trying to tell? How?
6.Did all of the events portrayed in the film ring true? Why? Why not?
7.Describe the scenes you found especially accurate.
8.What uses of the camera emphasized the theme and the mood of the picture, i.e. long shots, close-ups, tracking shots, hand held shots, etc.
9.What did the scenery and lighting lend or detract from the storyline?
10.How did the editing affect the storyline, i.e. long scenes, quick cuttings, time jump cuttings, going quickly from one place to another, going from past to present and vice versa?
Introductory Paragraph a 15 points

a?The introductory paragraph is fully developed (100+ words), coherent and smoothly leads to a concise and focused thesis which is the last sentence of this paragraph. The introductory remarks or the thesis contains the title of the film (placed in italics).
a?The thesis is concise and presents a clear focus on the essayas topic, which is your point of view on the film. In other words, what is it about this film which makes it considered a classic today?
Body Paragraphs a 40 points

a?The first body paragraph provides a brief overview of the film. Do NOT write an extended plot summary.
a?The remaining body paragraphs are unified, coherent and appropriately structured paragraphs containing restricted topic sentences, primary and secondary supports.
a?The secondary supports are specific examples and details from the film as well as research from outside sources. The essay is a combination of your ideas and smoothly integrated research you found from the secondary sources.
a?These paragraphs are 150 a 200 words each.
MLA format a 20 points

a?A complete heading is placed in the upper left hand corner, and the title of the essay is centered.
a?The essay is double-spaced and each paragraph is indented.
a?The smoothly integrated research is from a minimum of 45 sources using appropriate MLA parenthetical documentation for all direct quotes, summary and paraphrase.
a?The Works Cited section is correctly formatted.
Concluding paragraph a 5 points

a?This paragraph is appropriately structured and brings closure to the essay (50+ words).
Mechanics a 20 points

a?Your essay contains correct sentence structure: no run-on sentences, awkward sentences or sentence fragments.
a?Your essay contains correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and word choice.
a?Word choice includes the use of third person objective point-of-view; no first person a?Ia?, second person a?youa?/a?youra? or third person a?wea?/a?usa?/a?our.
Please Note: This essay must contain more than five paragraphs