Classical argument Essay: Wal-Mart, are they doing anything unethical?

1. introduction (often as a narrative which shows the problem)
2. Thesis statement (claim), which states what it is ou want to see change)
3. Brief Background/ history
4. Reasons and Evidence (reasons for proposing the change)
5. Anticipated opposing arguments and your rebuttal to or refutation of each point of opposition, one at a time. Aim for at least three points and refute each one. Point out inconsistencies, hypocrisies, logical fallacies, and weaknesses. Offer options, ideas, and possible solutions. (the structure of this section should look like this (a) the oppositions position (b) your refutation of the oppositions position)
6. Conclusion (summary and a call to action: change)

here is some points that they might do something unethical:
1. small business
2. employee wages and benefits (health insurance)
3. management

1. From No place like home/community and the marketplace(p.191-193) How City work by. Marshal, Alex. University of Texas Press Austin, 2000
2. The Bully of Bentonville: how the high cost of Wal-Marts everyday low prices is hurting America. Bianco, Anthony. New York.