Classical conditioning applied Treating Phobias (OCD, Agorghobia, Specific Phobias, Social Anxiety)

The Text book is Intro to Learning & Behavior By Powell, Symbaluk, Honney 2009

The writers are to use the text as a starting point only. They are to find two, related journal articles in addition to other supporting information from other scholarly sources (I.E, APA, NIMH, NAMI, etc.) The two articles are to be obtained from scholarly journals. The publishing year for the two articles should be no farther back in time than 1990. At least one of the sources should be a research study. The other source can be another research study, ameta-analysis, a review or report, excluding book reviews. To find the journal aticles:
1. Go to Buley Library
2. Click on On line
3. Click on P
4.Click on PsycArticles
5 Click on Refine
6 Enter 1990 as the oldest journal date
7 Type in the topic and/or related content words.
Both journal articles are to be truned in with the paper. Addressing students concerns and the fact that journal areticles are typically 20-40 pages in length, the professor will accept abbreviated copies (i.e., turn in copies of the introduction and conclusion sections of each article, rather than the full article). If in doubt of their suitability, writers are encouraged to show the abstracts of the articles to their professore, prior to writing the paper, to ensudre the approrpriateness of articles. The paper is to be written third person and in an objective, professional manner. The writer is rwriting for the innovent univesity level, reader. Therefore, clear explanations are to be given of all terms and concepts. The General Paper Guidlines”, as handed out for Paper #1 should be followed.
The purpose is for the student wreiter to summarize, compare and contrast the two jurnal articles, in such a way as to make the information from these articles more understandable, so that thery can learn more for themselves about the practical applications of classicalk conditioning and so that a university level reader could read their and understand the practical applications of classical conditioning regarding the chosen topic. The conclusion of the paper should include the student writers analyticalcritical thinkingt to propose a future research study that might be conducted to further the findings, or lack thereof, of the research articles.
I will send in login info for buley library or provide or give info on scholarly journals.
Other instructions were uploaded with the last paper you did it should be in the file.