Classical Criminology) How might deprivation lead to crime

The essay title is How might deprivation lead to crime?

Critera is: Essay 2000 words length.
Essay should develop an argument and be in the form of a critical analysis. Avoid providing just descriptive answers.

Can the text in the essay, be referenced with Harvard and page numbers please.
No footnotes please.

the Bibliography and essay should be from some of these books: Criminology theory and context second edition by John Tierney, An introduction to Criminological theory second edition by Roger Hopkins Burke, Criminological Perspectives Essential Reading second edition by Eugene Mclaughlim, John Muncie and Gordon Hughes. Understanding Deviance fourth edition by David Downes and Paul Rock. Criminology A sociological introduction by Eamonn Carrabine, Paul Iganski, Maggy lee, Ken Plummer and Nigel South and any other books you might use.

If there are any problems please let me know.

thank you

Yvonne Horn