Climate change case study (Health) report

Climate change case study health report

For this assignment you are asked to create CASE STUDY REPORT looking at impact affecting HUMAN HEALTH in response to climate change (eg. spread of diseases like malaria, timing and duration of epidemics etc.). Report should be structured and address, as a minimum, the following:

1. The scientific and technical challenges facing climate change prediction. This should discuss themes such as climate modelling and historical records.

2. The consensus agreement (based on published peer-review literature) of what the likely general outcomes of global warming will be.

3. A detailed and critical assessment of Human Healthin terms of possible spread and timing etc. in the future. This should make use of relevant published scientific literature as supporting evidence. You should discuss the implications of global climate change on the spatial and temporal characteristics relating to health. Your assessment should include the likely effects of the impact on human society AND economic impacts this may have on development etc.

The report should have a logical and intuitive structure and make use of maps, tables, diagrams and other visual aids as necessary.