Clinic perfomance evaluation and presentation

1. Assignment: Clinic Performance Evaluation and Presentation

During year 2015, the following actual events were recorded for the Getwell Clinics. A comprehensive budget for 2015 was prepared in Week Four.

1. Patient visits amounted to 28,000 in 2015 with an average billing rate of $48 per patient visit.

2. Expenses for 2015 were as follows:

Physicianas salaries $552,000
Nursesa salaries 195,000
Administrative and technical salaries 198,000
Medical supplies 159,000
Rent 48,000
Service bureau (fixed portion, $24,000) 52,000
Other expenses (fixed portion, $70,000) 158,000
Depreciation 16,000

3. At the end of the year, payables for supplies were $10,000, payables for the service bureau were $2,500, inventory of supplies were $4,000, and patient receivables were $160,000. Equipment was purchased as planned, but only $5,000 was borrowed in the line of credita ignore interest on the borrowing.

a? use Diane clinic information.

a? Complete a comprehensive performance evaluation to be presented to the Board of Directors. The presentation consists of a PowerPointA® presentation including 5-10 slides with detailed speaker notes. Your presentation is not limited to but must address the following points:

o Use computations in the presentations for breakeven analysis, return on investment, and residual income for the new product or service to be implemented.