Clinical decision making (not to take blood cultures from a febrile patient)

1)Decision to take take blood cultures from patient with Acute leukaemia.
2)Must be an analytical exploration of this decision. There should be a clear assessment of the decision taken, placed within the framework of a structured approach to problem solving. Explain clinical reasoning of the decision made (example: pattern matching/ experience/knowledge base/ intuition, policy & research . Use clinical decision making Models.
3)Was the decision making based on/utilised Process in practice, alternative actions, information processing, diagnostic reasoning, using evidence & best practice. What ethical or legal issues were To what extent did routine practice interfere with decision making. Were there factors affecting the decision making? -example was there any intrinsic & extrinsic factor,legal & ethical frameworks,health & social care policies. Was the policy & procedure useful?
4) Must evaluate/explain the effectiveness of the decision made.explained what happened to the patient.
Was the decision correct, appropriate & safe?
Was the decision analysis approach based on peer review & feed back, clinical supervision.
5) was there anything the nurse could have done better? What have the Author learned from this experience? implications of the clinical decison taken to the authors practice.
6) Only use The Nurse or the Author in the essay.
7) Do NOT use I, me, we, they or your in this essay
6) there SHOULD NOT BE discussion of patient care at all.

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