Clinical portfolios (narrative, reflection, strengths, weaknesses and personal objectives)

Please follow word limits each section and Marking Criteria i put comments on the paper which sections need to edit. some sections exceeded number of words, so please edit it.

Academically written.
Well structured.
Free of grammar and spelling mistakes
Catchy and easy to read.
Everything required by your instructions.

Your clinical portfolio must include:

1. A Personal Objectives list based on the course objectives, including at least 2 clinical objectives in each of the following categories: patient assessment; teamwork; communication; procedural skills and documentation.
2. A nursing narrative* derived from your own clinical practice that identifies relevant ANMC competency standards within it.
3. a reflective statement
4. A list of 3 identified strengths and weaknesses and two learning objectives arising from the narrative and reflection. One of these objectives should be literature-based, and the other should be skills-based and relevant to the course objectives.