Close reading assignment for Chinese studies class

Close Reading Assignment <br />
You will pick a passage (about one paragraph, should not be more than half a page single-spaced) from one of the fictional works weave read so far and will read next week: ( a?Diary of a Madmana?) and perform a close reading. <br />
Your analysis (minus the passage with which you will begin your paper) should be about 2.5-3 pages, double-spaced.<br />
You will begin your paper by first quoting the actual passage, so we know exactly what you plan to discuss. Please note author, title, and page number in the manner demonstrated below. As you will need to feature a a?block quotation,a? please indent the passage in question a full one-inch from the left. Because you set off a block quotation from the margin, you have already signaled that it is a quotation a there is no need for quotation marks. After you are done with your quotation, you will then tell us where it comes from in the following manner:<br />
(Author, Title or a?Title,a? #)<br />
When quoting novels, you italicize the title. When itas a short story, you do not italicize the title, but place it in quotation marks.<br />
For example:<br />
(Lu Xun, a?Diary of a Madman,a? 24).<br />
You do not need to include a Works Cited or Bibliography.<br />
Remember, with Chinese names, the surname goes first, given name second. To stay on the safe side, write the whole name throughout. With pen names, like Lu Xun, Lao She, and Mao Dun, you never abbreviate.<br />
In this assignment, you are being evaluated on your ability to:<br />
*Select an appropriate passage that lends itself to a close analysis.<br />
*Perform a close reading based on the actual passage you choose.<br />
*Demonstrate careful and considered engagement with the text.<br />
*Write up your analysis in an organized, clear, and convincing manner.<br />
You are asked to stick as close as possible to textual analysis, and avoid trying to a?decodea? the passage in a facile way in order to try to make it fit your own preconceived notion of what the text ought to be about, whether it be a?China,a? a?feudalism,a? a?society,a? etc. In this exercise you must also be careful about a?showinga? me how the text comes together rather than a?tellinga? me.