Close reading on Doyleas The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Assignment: After you have chosen a section from the provided list, your task is to prepare a close reading. This assignment will display your understanding of the sections structure, the authors diction, and the nature and quality of the themes within the section and the work as a whole. Choose a passage, which may range from one to five sentences and place it at the top of the first page in block format in place of a title. The passage should be in 10 font, single spaced

perhaps a take on how woman are portrayed in Holmes, how any thing Eastis foreign and therefore tainted, how the threat of reverse-colonisation is depicted or even how Holmes is able to transcend through the social classes like a chameleon: as the master of disguise.

Story choice:
a?A Scandal in Bohemiaa? / a?The Copper Beechesa?/a?The Man with the Twisted Lipa? / a?The Five Orange Pipsa? / a?The Speckled Banda? /a?The Boscombe Valley Mysterya?

here is a link to the close reading guide lines:
: closereading.html