Closing the global digital divide: A call for home grown solutions.

This is a practium paper. It is different from a thesis paper in the sense that there is no orginal research done.
In result, there are no methdology and literature review sections in the paper. You introduce the topic in the first chapter, the other chapters will be captioned according to the topics you discuss about
closing the global digital divideexcept for the last chapter which will be the summary.
The theme of the paper is still the samewhich is for developing countries to close the gobal digital divide they need to formulate strategies that address their unique social economic strucures. It should
be written in a way in which you make your case while seeing the other side of the agrument(in other
words-not just a one way discussion). You can use the same references you used in the proposal plus 5
more references as long as they are citied in the APA format. My instructor complained that the referencing for the propoal was not done according to the APA format,that not all enteries were complete-he could not tell if they were books,articles or reports.You may want to read chp4 of the
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association(fifth edition) especially fom pp.216-231.
A biblography is reqiured at the end of the practicm paper it has to be done well.
The only source that must be included in this paper is james jeffrey, Digital Divide Complacency: Misconceptions and Dangersin last months issue (vol.24,issue 1) of the journal information society
(on pages 54-61). You can refer to it however you want to (ie on either side of the discussion).
In case you dont remember the thesis proposal i am refering to, the # assigned to it is 205334.
And i will appreciate a front paper that gives the title of the paper , provides space for the students
name instructor and University.Note: The paper should be as coherent as possible and be mostly written in the active voice.