CM307-0704A-01 The Health Care Industry-Phase 3 Individual Project

Task Name: Deliverable Length: 1 page outline of definitions

Details: Managed care has had a profound impact on the way healthcare is delivered and paid for in the U.S. The physician members of PASP will be significantly impacted by managed care. Any membership marketing pieces that PASP creates must reflect that PASP understands the challenges that managed care poses for its members. PASP should also be able to identify ways that members of PASP can get help in meeting these challenges. You believe that specialty physicians just leaving residency and setting up their practices is one possible market for new members. You have compiled a list of these physicians and will e-mail them a link asking that they accept a free 8-week e-mail subscription of a weekly electronic  tip of the week to help increase their awareness of key terms used by managed care organizations.

Identify eight managed care contracting terms and write a brief definition of each term. Remember to cite all sources and be sure to write each definition using your own words.

Date Due: Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 by 10pm eastern time

Objective: Describe essential functions and activities related to the business of healthcare, such as budgeting, marketing, program planning, and staffing.

Please include a reference page.