CM307-0704A-01 The Health Care Industry Phase 4 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 4-6 slides with speaker notes

Details: It has been about 6 months now, and your e-mails, newsletter articles, and other promotional pieces have generated interest among members. You are now receiving calls with questions, requests, and compliments. The chairman of the board of directors is excited about the future of PASP and wants staff to help in crafting a strategic plan for PASP aligned with anticipated future healthcare industry tends.

The executive director asks you to research future healthcare trends, technologies, and innovations and provide her a 4 5 page PowerPoint presentation outlining some options that PASP might explore to better provide leadership and guidance to their members in integrating these changes into their practice.

Date Due: Friday, Nov 09, 2007 by 11pm eastern time

Objective: Research emerging trends in health care, formulate solutions to current issues, and forecast future directions in the health care field.

Please include a reference page within the powerpoint slide, citations, quotes, etc.....

Thank You