CM337-0704B-01 Current Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in H Phase 2 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages

Details: Assignment Detail:
You have been asked to respond to a complaint to the home health agency within Ocean Health. You have received a complaint from the daughter of a man who receives home health services. The daughter states that the home health aide is visiting too often and is asking her father too many questions. The daughter also complained that the nurse is aloof and does not appear to know or remember anything about her father. The man is scheduled to have a home companion visit twice a week for the purpose of checking on him, encouraging him, and assisting him with daily activities. The nurse is scheduled to visit every other week for medication monitoring.

You must respond to this complaint. Write a supervision plan for each staff person who the complaint was filed against. In the supervision plan, address any regulating entities and guidelines pertaining to effective health provider and patient relationships which must be followed.

Date Due: Friday, Dec 21, 2007 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Describe the goals, standards, and requirements for effective health provider/patient relationships.

Please include a reference page, any quotes, citations, etc…..

Thank You