CM337-0704B-01 Current Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Health Care Phase 1 Project

Deliverable Length: 4-8 pages

Assignment Detail:
It has been determined that the current policies for the acute care hospitals are not in compliance with the HIPAA regulations. New policies must be developed.

Using course resources, write a draft policy for the acute care hospitals regarding patient privacy and confidentiality. The policy shall address the following at a minimum:

*definitions pertinent to the topic

*notification requirements

*patient s rights to their information

*authorized uses and disclosures

*disclosures permitted without authorization

Discuss how to best implement and enforce the new policies when approved.

Date Due: thursday, dec 13,2007 by 11pm eastern time

Objective: Identify major issues in health care with unique ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations, such as patient privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent, as well as methods to address them.

Please include a reference page, any quotes, citations, tables, graphs, etc....