CM367-0801B-01 The Health Care Organization Phase 1 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 3-5 slides with speaker notes

Details: You are Doc Vinny. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that you will use for a presentation to the board of directors that outlines why you are the right choice to succeed Dr. Montenegro. Include in your presentation a description of your thoughts for the future and how they align or do not align with the organizations service delivery model.

Your presentation should be focused on VPP and should touch upon the following points:

1.How will your management style interact with the management style of the other senior leaders?
2.How do you see other leaders in VPP and VHP working under your leadership (describe each leaders new role and how they complement your new vision).
What role do you see yourself playing in the future development of the organization?
3.How will your vision transform the organization into a stronger market position?

Date Due: Friday, Feb 29, 2008 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Describe the roles of individuals and groups in health care organizations, as well as the development, maintenance, and impact of organizational culture.

Please include speaker notes, and reference page in ppt.

Thank You