CM367-0801B-01 The Health Care Organization Phase 2 Discussion Board

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages

Details: You are Doc Vinny, and although you have been hand-picked by Dr. Montenegro to be his successor, your nomination must be confirmed as the VPP president and chairman of the board of Vitruvian, Inc. The other senior leaders of the health plan (VHP) and of the physician group (VPP) must meet to decide to confirm or reject your nomination and have decided to meet informally at an all-day offsite retreat to discuss the future of the organizations, your ability to lead them, and what it will mean to have technology be the driver of organizational development and growth.

From your perspective as the potential new leader of Vitruvian Physician Partners (VPP), compare and contrast the organizational structure of the three organizations: Vitruvian, Inc., Vitruvian Physician Partners, and Vitruvian Health Plan. Describe the primary function(s) of each company and focus on how similar or dissimilar the infrastructures may be. Identify the primary responsibility of each company.

Date Due: Monday, Mar 03, 2008 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Differentiate between the organizational structures of various types of health care organizations.
Explain the relationship between organizational structure and health care delivery, particularly as it relates to services and management.

Please include a reference page, any quotes, citations, etc…

Thank You