CM367-0801B-01 The Health Care Organization-Phase 3 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages

Details: As the current CEO of Vitruvian Health (VH) and the potential new CEO of Vitruvian Physician Partners (VPP) and chairman of the board of Vitruvian, Inc., prepare a letter to the other senior members of all three organizations. Describe the needs of the new and emerging marketplace (societal, cultural, and political), your overall qualifications to lead the organizations in all endeavors, and your plans to develop and transform the organizations to meet the demands of the new marketplace.

Date Due: Thursday, Mar 27, 2008 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Discuss the interrelationships between psychological, social, cultural, and political factors as they impact health care management.

Please include a reference page and any quotes or citations.