CM387-0802A-01 Management Principles in Health Care Phase 2 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 4 poiwerpoint slides with speaker notes

Details: Data is a vital commodity for healthcare managers seeking to make decisions about their businesses. Acute care hospitals and ambulatory practices have similar and different focal points for analyzing resource usage driven in part by the types of agreements each has with third party payers.

Your responsibilities are expanding as a manager, and you are seeking to understand the data that is used to make decisions in your healthcare organization. Create a presentation in a PowerPoint format comparing and contrasting data elements hospitals and practices typically use to measure performance.

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Date Due: Tuesday, Apr 22, 2008 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Analyze resource usage and determine needs for staff, equipment, technology, financial resources, and/or services in different types of health care organizations.

Please include references etc….