CM387-0802A-01 Management Principles in Health Care Phase 3 Group Project

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages on Raising Awarness of Children with Cancer-My portion of the group assignment.

Details: Jones Pediatric Services has expressed interest in raising awareness of children with cancer in the community. Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation is a nationwide fundraising movement to build childhood cancer awareness and raise money for research.

Provide a summary of the history and accomplishments of Alex s Lemonade in raising awareness of children with cancer.

(Erin will do History, Hillary will do accomplishments, Emmanuel will do Challenges and Setara could do Raising Awareness of Children with Cancer)

Divide the summary report into sections among members and agree upon any necessary basics for a coordinated effort. Study all submissions. Collaborate to write an executive summary report. Submit one executive summary report per group.

Date Due: Friday, May 02, 2008 by by 12pm eastern time

Objective: Examine unique challenges facing certain specialized health providers (e.g., mental health, geriatric, oncology, hospice) and their management implications.

Instructor Comments: Must have reference page