CM477-0802A-01 Finance in Health Care Phase 1 Individual Project

Task Name: Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages

Details: Your company s CFO begins the preliminary work of developing the organization s financial plan for the upcoming year. Recently, there have been several articles in the newspaper regarding the state s need to cut its healthcare budget. There have also been rumors in the community that the state Medicaid budget may be reduced, including those eligible to enroll in government-funded health plans. Over the past year, there have been Board discussions regarding diversifying and opening healthcare facilities that provide services to various populations other than Medicaid recipients.

Compose a memo to the CEO regarding your department s preparation for next year s financial plan. In the memo, address the possible issues surrounding next year s forecasting including the management structure that could be considered for next year s financial plan.

Date Due: Monday, Apr 14, 2008 by 2008 by 12am eastern time

Objective: Discuss methods for planning, forecasting, and managing healthcare finances.

Instructor Comments: Please include reference page, citations, quotes, etc....

Thank You