CM611-0803A-01 Managing the Health Care Organization Phase 2 Group Project

Deliverable Length: 6-8 pages

Details: Staff members at Regency loathed the former Health Manager because of his problem-solving and communication styles. You have conducted an informal needs assessment with your staff and have determined that your predecessor had a Forcingproblem-solving style and an Aggressivecommunication style. Describe different styles of problem-solving and communication and how they may impact staff efficiency, employee morale, and quality of care in the Surgery Department at Regency. Use the Library for additional background information.

Based on what you now know about how problem-solving and communication styles can impact the areas of staff efficiency, employee morale, and quality of care, describe in detail an alternate management style which is likely to improve these areas. Cite your references using APA guidelines.

Points Possible: 200

Date Due: Sunday, July 27th, 2008 by 11pm eastern time

Objective: Examine how management policies and procedures affect efficiency, morale, and quality of care.

Instructor Comments: Dont forget to include a reference page, quotes, and any citations, etc….