CM621-0804A-01 Ethics, Policy, and Law in Health Care Management Phase 3 Individual Project 2

Deliverable Length: 1-2 pages-MUST BE IN MEMO FORMAT

Details: Patient satisfaction is a key factor in managing the quality of care for any medical practice. There are several means by which a healthcare manager might gather patient satisfaction information to help formulate quality of care policies. After conducting a survey, the Director of Administration asks you to write a professional memo summarizing the factors that affect patient care satisfaction. Cite your references using APA guidelines.

Points Possible: 100

Date Due: Friday, Nov 07, 2008 BY 12am eastern time

Objective: Assess health care policy decisions in a politically competent manner, recognizing the roles of context, participants, and process in policy-making.

Instructor Comments:

Think about what factors are important to the patient during his health care experience ? Be specific.