CM631-0901B-01 Systems in Health Care Phase 2 Discussion Board

Deliverable Length: 3 4 paragraphs

Details: The Administrative Director is creating an expenditure plan for Cactus Health, Inc. to prioritize future expenditures; he is reviewing past and present healthcare statistics.

Use the readings, Library, and other research, respond to the following:
1. What are the trends in the utilization of healthcare services? Include resources and statistics.
2. How will this trend affect your organization s expenditure plan? If you do not belong to a healthcare organization, identify with one and comment.
3. What resource allocation priorities would you list in your organization to cover these expenditures? How would your list impact the current operation of the organization?

Points Possible: 50
Date Due: Monday, Mar 02, 2009 by 12am eastern time
Objective: Apply guidelines to prioritize expenditures.