CM631-0901B-01 Systems in Health Care Phase 3 Individual Project

Deliverable Length: 5 6 slides with notes pages

Details: The National HealthCare Risk Management Association has requested Cactus Health, Inc. to present an overview of an effective risk reduction plan at the Association s Annual Conference. You are asked by the Cactus Health board to explain risks associated with administration, operations, patient care, and departmental procedures as they relate to the healthcare organization.

Based upon your readings, Library searches, web researches, or any available and related resource, create a PowerPoint presentation that will address the following questions:
1. What is risk management in relation to the healthcare environment?
2. What are the current risk topics in the service provider organization?
3. How do you assess these risks?
4. What business strategy or formula would you use to reduce risk in the healthcare organization? Explain.

Points Possible: 125
Date Due: Friday, Mar 20, 2009 by 12am eastern time
Objective: Assess risks in the health care environment.
Develop plans to manage, minimize, or reduce risks and improve quality of care.