Co-occuring disorders ( class Human services 437) book: HOOKED


Book review (minimum 6 pages+cover) on Hooked. The book review should include an introduction with an overview of the main theme of the book, who the author is, etc. In your paper discuss the specific issues of each of the 5 people followed in the book, a synopsis of their attempts to get help, what happened to each one, what you see as the main problem confronted by each client, how the system failed them (and your perception of why) and in the summary/conclusion an overview of how the book affected you. Use this document to organize your review with headings, etc.

Your paper will be graded on organization, grammar, spelling, and clarity of thought, including detail, and critical thinking.
Cover Page: Name, Course, Date, Professor


**Include an overview of the theme of the book and who Lonny Shavelson is.

Main Headings: The Stories of each of the 5 Main Characters

Darlene James
Darrell McAuley
Mike Pagsolingan
Crystal Holmes
Glenda Janis

Subheadings: Include the following for EACH CHARACTER

a? Main addictions and mental problems
a? Other psychosocial factors
a? Attempts to get help
a? How the system failed (name) and why, and your perceptions of why
the system may have failed
a? What happened to (name) at the end

Summary and Conclusion

a? Brief Summary of the main points w/conclusion and overview
a? Personal Reaction a how stories about the client/character stories affected you
a? Final thoughts and concluding sentence

Main headings are usually centered, subheadings are flush left. All headings are typically BOLD. Use 12pt font Times Roman, 1a? margins, page numbers top right, no page number on cover page.