Coaching and mentoring–read the case studies and finish the paper as the requirement

1.the paper including 3 tasks each task is an independent essay that need introduction conclusion and reference of each task
2. using draf and table in the task one
3. hsbc and udes are the most important cases need to be read that the case should be used in each task of the whole assignmenti?: the other cases are important as well
4. in the task 3i?? it have 2 parts, first part need 2 tablesi?? one should compare a?extraverted intuitive feeling judging; extraverted sensing feeling judging and introverted intuitive feeling perceivinga? and the other shold compare a?idealistTM portrait of the teacheri??ENFJi?0 a? which in the file ofTask 3 --myself”; in the second part, it need to talk about how it effect ur approach to ur own learning and development in the future.
5. read everthing in reading list
6. own ideas

Referencing Requirements:
harvard system
use all of the reference I provided you