Code of ethics critique oh Health Information

College level, no less then 500 words. I need a critique of code paper done and I am having trouble. The paper will be on Health Information. I will attach what I need and a web site u can possibly use. Also, the book we are using in class is:

Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues
Sixth Edition (if available)or 7th edition
by Vincent Ryan Ruggiero
© 2004, McGraw-Hill
If you need a copy of this book I can fax it or overnight it or even purchase online. Please let me know.

This is what is expected in my paper:

The critique paper should contain the following ideas:

Discuss why the code of ethics necessary within the industry or field.
Discuss any strengths or weakness with the code of ethics.
Discuss how individual s professional conduct is guided or not guided by the code of ethics.
Discuss how you can use the code of ethics in your professional life.
The code of ethics critique must be no less than 500 words in length (not including the works cited page). Sources must be cited and documented using APA style.

Web site:

This is what my teacher expects from me:

We are discussing codes of ethics now, so that knowledge has to be used. But the assignment is asking you to analyze and critique the code of a company or organization. You have to see what regulations they have, what moral principles they are based on, and finally, critique the code, that is evaluate it, see if you can add something to it or maybe suggest rewording of the rules, or that some should be taken out. Whatever you do, do not talk about codes of ethics in the abstract. There has to be one taken from a web site and belonging to a real company or organization. The codes are in the web sites listed. From the names of the companies, you can figure out which one you are interested in. Then, you click on it and it will take you to the web site of the company or organization. There you will find the code of ethics and you analyze it (that means you pick it apart and see what went into it) and critique it (that means you evaluate it, see if you want to add anything or maybe leave something out). The basis of the critique will be the ethical theories we have learned about: deontology, teleology, virtue ethics, and whatever else we may learn until then.

All the instructions about this paper tie back to what we are reading and learning in the course. You can discuss the necessity of the code in relation to the dilemmas posed by the new technologies, of which we have spoken. Such dilemmas show us that one single theory of ethics is not enough to make moral choices--hence the necessity of a code. You discuss strengths and weaknesses in relation to the theories we have been learning about. Also, you discuss how the code guides the individual in relation to moral relativism, or to individual dilemmas generated by work situations. Finally, there is the personal part where you can show how it helps you.

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Thank you.

Jennifer Tucker