Cognitive behavioral therapy as intervention for ptsd

Write a 6-8 page paper (cover page is not necessary and the reference page counts as one page) on an intervention/treatment program of your choice, used to treat a DSM-V diagnosable illness (Briefly explain the diagnosis). This paper will be both a research and critical analysis paper on the intervention you have chosen to write about. This means you need to include what it is, how effective it can be, what its used to treat and how you would use the intervention in both the child and family sessions.

You must include 3 empirically researched and peer reviewed articles, texts and/or documentaries. (,,, and wikipedia are NOT acceptable citations in your paper)

10 points per source (up to 30)Is the source peer reviewed (5 Points) and Is the source effectively used within the paper (5 Points).

10 points APA 6th edition Format (Full format, including cover page, abstract and reference page)your entire paper MUST match APA format, including citations

10 Points Critical Thinking (See Critical thinking rubric). Each area is worth 2 points.

If you need assistance with APA formating please go to the learning commons index.html for assistance. Please do not ask me how to write in APA format.