Collaborating public managemant; Reading Review

Two page summary of the readings (provided below) outlining and integrating the key issues and conclusions. Please cover all readings(Professor wants to know we read all) be concise; 12-point, double spaced, Times new roman

Do not put in outline form, one page paper, Please read all four readings and summarize all in two page paper; Professor wants us to learn to be concise, well written and integrating key points.

To get A Demonstrates insightful mastery of the subject and quality written.


L. cover Chap. 1 only; Christopher Koliba, Jack W. Meek and Asim Zia (2010). Governance Networks in Public Administration and Public Policy (CRC Press).

2.cover Chap. 1-3 only. Stephen Goldsmith and William Eggers (2004). Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector (Washington, D.C.:Brookings).

3. GAUS, J.M. (1947). The ecology of public administration. Tuscaloosa, al: university of Alabama press.

4. cover page 103-108 only; Long, n.e. (1949). Power and administration. Public administration review, 9(4): 103-108.

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