Collaborative business plan for an ecommerce

I need someone specialist in project managment,and he has master degree at least.
the required count words (3900-4200), with harvard style and master level.and i also attached with this E-mail the whole slides of the subject which i think that would help you alot to do it right.

below listed the details of the required material:

collaborative business plan for an ecommerce start-up (3900-4200 words)

Words Count
A figure for the total word count should be written on the cover sheet of the
report. If no figure for the total word count is written on the report or the word
count is found to be inaccurate 6 marks will be deducted. Word count is
outside (under or over) the range 6 marks will be deducted. Total word count
should exclude the Title page, Abstract, bibliography and appendices.
2 -
Group Assignment: Collaborative e-Business plan
Collaborative e-business plan (3900-4200 WORDS)
The group report consists of a collaborative e-business plan for a business of
the students choice. The assignment aims to provide students with an
opportunity to acquire entrepreneurial skills through their participation in an ecommerce
start-up team and their development of an e-commerce business
The learning of objectives of this assignment are:
▪ to make links between theoretical e-Commerce frameworks and
business practice
▪ to develop a better understanding of e-Commerce through developing
a business plan
▪ to learn how to generate a business plan
▪ to develop knowledge of a specific industry
▪ to appreciate creative/innovative thinking
The Structure of the Business Plan
For this assignment, students will form an e-commerce start-up team and
produce a short version of a business plan for their business.
The components of your business plan should include:
▪ Table of Contents
▪ Executive Summary
▪ Vision and Mission Statements (for the start up only)
▪ Company Description (for the start up only)
▪ Product/Service Description
▪ Business Models
▪ Market Analysis
▪ Marketing Strategy
▪ Appendix (not included in the word count)

3 -
Project Management (Group of four)

Project leader:
The group should appoint a project leader who agrees to take responsibility to
overlook the progress of the group and undertake time-management of the
project. The project leader should make sure that the workload is evenly
distributed within the group. Alternatively, the members of the group can
rotate the project leader role.
Project diary
A group diary should be kept and submitted with the business plan. This diary
should record the time of each meeting, attendance at the meeting, purpose of
the meeting, and action and re-action, if necessary, points of each meeting (i.e.
who is doing what and by when).
Group Tutorials
Project Deadline
The submission should include: (1) a collaborative business plan (2) project
diary (3) statement of contribution to the project by each member