College adimission essay for a nursing program

Introduce my self, I was born and raise in Brazil, I got married at very yung age. I was victim of domestic violence. I got pregnant and i could not take anymore. I got divorce, as a consequence of all these impacts in my life I had to postpone the pursuing of my dreams to be a great nurse like my mother was. When I moved to usa 12 years ago I worked as a baby sitter, took care of elderly people in order to provide for myself and my son.
Even though i faced difficulties.I never gave up starting nursing scholl .
I got married again . I fell more confident than ever before to fulfill my happiness and become a nurse.
I have excelled in my grades and I enjoy studing science .
I am quick on my feet .
I see my self calm, I can handle situation with thoughtfulness and maturity. I am organize . I have excellente rapport with people of all ages.