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In the pdf file survey project introduction, please do the survey exercise part B(PDF FILE P.4) the Results part and Discussion part. The information of the survey are in the word file soc20 final survey part A.
The data analysis from survey project part A is the result of the questionnaires of the survey. The understanding output PDF file is how to teach how to read the data analysis.

Results. Discuss all the following: up to 3 pages
Using a mix of text, tables and figures, you should describe
A. The frequency distributions for your independent variables with a discussion of what you think you learned about your sample from these distributions.
B. A discussion of the various measures of your dependent variable. Describe your frequency distributions for the different measures and what they shouw in terms of the inter-relationships among the measures. Discuss the correlations between the different measures and you were creating a final index, describe which items you should keep and why. Describe the relationship between your open question and your index. Describe the extent to which you think they are measuring the same thing and why.

C. Describe the bivariage relationship between your dependent variable measures and your dependent variables.

Discussion: Describe the conclusions you draw based on your results. What larger study might be built on this one? What changes would you make? up to 1 page.

Answer each question and use the data to analysis the results. 3 pages for Results part and 1 page for Discussion part

Thank you so much!