Colonial theory questions and joe turners come and gone

Joe Turneras Come and Gone by August Wilson
to the Post Colonial theory question below

Question: What is the relation of the place where this play or performance is taking place to the history of western colonialism? Does that relation colour the play or performance?

Develop a thesis that states your overall discovery about the play after having applied the question you have chosen to the play.

The main goal is for you to explore text using the lens of either Materialist Theory or Post-Colonial Theory

Take time to carefully examine the chosen play (script) before writing the essay. Take notes as you re-read/scrutinize each a?texta? in an attempt to come to some conclusion/discovery about the play and what is reveled about the work/the human condition/art by applying the theory to the play. (This will be the thesis)

Then, following formal rules of essay structure develop at least 3 main points that will support/prove/expand your thesis. Then in elaborating on these main points be sure to provide specific evidence/examples from the play. You are welcome to use outside sources to support your argument but I want to hear your voice and your ideas in this essay. DO not simply re-state what other scholars have already said. Fortier may a nice foundational source for you to rely on, but DO NOT simply summarize/re-state his ideas. Please display original thinking in your essay.

Proficiency in grammar, spelling, and syntax is assumed and essential. Excessive writing errors will affect your grade. All writing assignments must be typed, double-spaced, in 12pt. Arial or Times New Roman font, with 1margins, and adhere to MLA guidelines for citation and formatting.
Be sure to develop your own ideas not just taking ideas from sources the teacher will fail me if I do not use my own ideas. Also be extra careful not to use anything without clearly citing the source the teacher is very strict. Im already on watch for plagarism, he is a real stickler