you should read and understand the employee turnover and retention factsheet distributed in workshops ( or access this via uk) and consider how this information may help you to answer the coursework questions based on the case study Colours R Us”.

You should include references to all cited sources in a single list at the end of the assignment.

A bibliography should be a single list of all consulted works placed at the end of the reference list.

You MUST indicate where information relating to a chosen organisation has been found. List websites, internal company documents or interviews with members of the organisation as part of your references.

The coursework requires you to examine a case study:  Colours R Us that has been provided and to answer the FIVE questions linked to the case study. You should use literature and theory to support the approaches you recommend for  Colours R Us .

 Colours R Us Case Study

Colours R Us (CRU) manufacture and supply high quality paint to home design specialist retailers such as Home Style Innovations. CRU has 500 full time permanent employees at their site, including manufacturing staff, packing staff, sales, finance and administration support staff.

Manufacturing and packing staff work shifts,  earlies or  lates across seven days with two days rest days and the support staff work 9.00am  5.00pm Monday to Friday. The factory is on an industrial estate just outside Liverpool. It has parking facilities and good public transport links to the city centre, British Rail and to the suburbs. Although CRU has traditionally employed full time permanent male staff in manufacturing and packing, company statistics show that an increasing number of appointments have been made to women but that they do not stay with the company for more than an average of three months.

CRU s main customer, Home Style Innovations, has asked them to manufacture and supply miniature pots of paint   Magnificence in Miniature to be sold alongside the standard sizes. Home Style Innovators believe there is a market for contrast colours in smaller volume containers. CRU is delighted to have been asked to extend their supply in this way and can accommodate a new line adapted to the smaller containers. However, CRU is already struggling to meet its current staffing demands and is uncertain about its ability to attract additional workers to support the new development.

The industrial estate, despite being readily accessible to most workers, is not a particularly attractive place to work. There are no shops or other amenities in the area. There is no childcare provision nearby and the estate is not a pleasant place to be when the late shifts finish. The other employers on the estate are mainly call centres or software houses who tend to offer higher rates of pay than CRU. Although CRU has always paid above the minimum wage it will not be able to make the new line profitable if it exceeds its current hourly rate for manufacturing and packing workers.

 earlies 7.00am  3.00pm

 lates 3.00pm  11.00pm

Liverpool is following a national trend of relatively high employment and CRU are finding it increasingly difficult not just to attract, recruit but also to retain the staff. Staff turnover has been high and CRU has recently appointed a HR consultancy :

 Right PeopleRight Place to advise the company on how to address these issues. The consultants have been asked to work with line managers to recruit and select thirty employees for  Magnificent Miniatures Line and to organise their induction into the business. CRU hopes that by improving their process they can also improve retention. Additionally,  Right People, Right Place have been asked to report to the Board of CRU on policies and practice to improve retention in all areas of the organisation.

In your coursework you are to play the role of the consulting company  Right People, Right Place . You must use academic references and where relevant comparison with other organisations to complete the tasks given below:

1. Design a process for recruiting and selecting the new employees for the  Magnificent Miniatures  line. (20%)

2. Design an Induction Programme for new employees on the  Magnificent Miniatures line.(20%)

3. Show how the line managers will be involved in the recruitment and selection process and the induction programme for  Magnificent Miniatures (20%)

4. Explain why features of the recruitment, selection and induction for  Magnificent Miniatures is expected to have a positive impact on retention.(20%)

5. Report your findings to the Board on improving retention in all areas of the business.(20%)