Comapare and contrast online courses and traditionial face to face courses

Compare and Contrast
For your fourth and final essay this semester, the Compare and Contrast Essay, you have 2 topics to choose from:
1) You may compare and contrast face to face courses with online courses. The majority of this essay will be based on your own experiences and opinions, but you must support your position with legitimate evidence/ examples. If you borrow material from another source, you will need to cite it appropriately.
2) You may compare and contrast yourself as a high school student to the student you are today. Again you will obviously need to support this with your own experiences and opinions. Any statements or ideas you borrow from an outside source need to be cited appropriately.
This essay will require you to reflect over your experiences in this class and throughout your academic career and measure how those have or have not met your expectations. Your essay should identify at least 3 points of comparison and explain the significance of these points in a thesis statement. For each of the three points, you must give evidence/examples of support. Remember, if you choose to use material from outside resources, you must cite them appropriately.
*You must use one of the two organizational methods discussed in your reading and covered in class over the next two weeks: chunking or sequencing.This choice is up to you. Use whichever method you think is the most appropriate for your essay.
*You must examine at least 3 points of comparison.
*You must have at least 2 FULL pages.
*You must use at least 1 analogy (discussed in the reading and covered in class over the next two weeks) and highlight it.
1. Your final essay assignment is the compare/contrast essay. Please read:
a? St. Martins Guide~ Chp 18: 653-658 (Comparison & Contrast); 590-591 (Similes & Metaphors)
a? Q&A~ 63 (Comparison & Contrast), 64 (Analogies), 141 (Similes & Metaphors)

Your final draft is due December 11th. This is the last full week of class; no late papers will be accepted. The essay should be at least 2 FULL pages and contain a minimum of 5 FULLY DEVELOPED paragraphs.
Your final, revised essay should contain the following:
a? An attention grabbing introduction and title
a? Clear thesis & forecasting
a? A minimum of 3 body paragraphs containing a minimum of 5 sentences each
a? Each body paragraph should be well-organized with topic sentences, examples, and transitions.
a? You should have a clear organization method of chunking or sequencing.
a? You entire essay should flow well as a whole, as should individual paragraphs.
a? There should be reasonably correct grammar, spelling, and mechanics throughout the essay.
a? Your essay should contain at least one analogy, highlighted for easy visibility.
a? A clear resolution with restatement of thesis
a? Proper MLA Formatting
a? Correct MLA Citations if needed.

I am an adult student who recently left the United States army and started attending college. It had been over 15 years since I had attended a regular face to face college course. While in the Army I often took online classes between and during deployments. Currently I take a mixture of online and face to face courses and prefer online courses.