Comare a book and a movie thats based on the book

Compare a book and a movie thats based on the book. Are there significant differences between them? Choose ONE key aspect thats different, and analyze it in detail to discover and explain its significance.

Instructions:(this essay is for first year english class)
Your essay should develop a thesis that evolves between the beginning of the paper and the end, asks thoughtful questions about the topic, and seeks to complicate obvious answers through in-depth interpretation of specific examples. Make sure the evidence is support your claims, make in-deeps analysis of the evidence you find, you have to link your claims and evdence together! Your goal is to make a point of some significance to our understanding of the topic by applying the writing strategies discussed in class:
–Focus the comparison to give it a point
–Look for significant difference between A and B, given their similarity
–Look for unexpected similarity between A and B, given their difference.
Ask yourself why it is difference, how it is difference

The object here is not to provide a list; rather, it is to analyze those areas of similarity of difference which might have implications for the overarching themes of the show or the genre they belong to.