Come up with your own(See documenets attached)

Hi, here I give you a?guidelines for research papera? and a source of the textbook. You would also get some lecture

slides that I am interested. This is because the whole textbook might be a bit broad, and you cannot use it as a


Feel free to make up any topic related to the lecture slide 13, 7th

Paper topic: come up with one after reading documents provided.(read Guidelines for Research Paper)

Soures: at least 6 sources( see Guidelines for Research Paper). Please be careful about the fact that you cannot use

slides I give you and the text book as a resource but you can use it to support the argument.

Length :5 pages maximum.(Full 4pages or longer)


Textbook: ambiguities that you see;

a? integration of two areas that seem separate;

a? overview of an interesting program of research;

a? proposal for new research;

a? discussion of general issues that cut across different topics (e.g., methods, personality factors, sex differences).

In short, find a topic that interests you, dig in, and turn your thoughtful reading into a creative and coherent essay.

The general aim of the paper is to read, think, and write insightfully about relationships research. However you do this

is OK. The minimum assignment is to read at least 6 journal articles on your topic (more than 6 is even better). The

textbook and reader do not count toward your 6 articles, but they may help you locate good sources. References cited in the

text or focus readings are an excellent way to start. Popular magazines like Newsweek or Psychology Today do not count. The

Internet is an excellent search tool, but Internet content (e.g., Wikipedia), which usually has no quality control, does not

count as an article. Read articles (not just abstracts) with an eye toward appreciating what the authors did, why they believed

the study was important, and how the results enhance understanding. Then base your paper on the findings and your

interpretation of them. Be sure to include a reference list (in APA style or any other reasonable format).

Although you should summarize your reading, we are more interested in your response to what you read than in

a rehash of the authors words: What the research and ideas mean to you, how you understand the findings, why you

believe it is important, other theories and ideas to which you see links, criticisms (be bold!), suggestions for future

studies, or ways one might use the research to change the world (or a small piece of it), or other phenomena of which

you are reminded.

We encourage individuals or teams to consider alternative projects such as videos, webpages, surveys, whatever you

can dream up. We are also open to the possibility of your creating a Wikipedia entry for a course-related topic that currently

has no or a minimal entry.

Papers are limited to five pages maximum (double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12-point font). This paper is

optional in the sense that if you choose not to write one, no points will be added to or subtracted from your course total.

Research papers will be graded in multiples of 2 up to a total of 12 points; that is, you will earn 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 points,

depending on our assessment of the quality of your paper. These points will be added to your total score for the course. This

assignment is due on Monday, November 25th. We will be pleased to comment on outlines and drafts before then.