Coming of age in mississippi by Moody Anne

Note: This assignment is for a book review, not simply a book report. You will be expected to analyze and critique the book in addition to describing the content. Be sure to look at the rubric accompanying these instructions before you start writing and be certain that you have met all the requirements of the rubric before submitting your paper.

The following are the general requirements for the review:

First, you must read the book.

The paper will be worth a total of 100 points.

The paper must be at least 5 pages long, using 1a? margins on all sides.

The paper must be proofread !!

The following are general ideas for organizing your paper:

Introduction (10 pts.)
First identify the name and author of the book, identify the type of book, and describe the overall theme of the book.

First sentence should grab the readeras attention.Last sentence should explain goal/purpose of the paper.

2. Overview (30 pts.)

Summarize the book, explaining the main points.

Review of the book (50 pts.)

This is the major section of the paper. Be sure to describe how the book affected you. Tell the reader if you liked the book or not. Be specific:

Does the book leave out something it should have included? Would you recommend this book to someone else? What did you learn from the book? These are some of the questions you should consider. Remember a this is your opinion a I do not want you to research what anyone else has to say about the book. You may use quotes from the book, but I do not want to read about what anyone else thought of the book. You do not need to go to outside sources to develop your own views.

Include an explanation of how the book relates to this course, identifying specific course themes that relate to your reading.

4. Conclusion (10 pts.)

Present a summary of your paper and add any final thoughts.

Avoid using informal language. This is a college paper and should be written for a college audience. Do not write this paper as if you were speaking to a classmate.

7. ABSOLUTELY NO misspelled words.

8. Begin sentences with capitals and end with proper punctuation.

9. Use punctuation correctly.

10. Use capitalization correctly.

11. Indent paragraphs.

12. Use proper noun-verb agreement.

13. Make sure sentences are complete and make sense.

14. Do not use run-on sentences nor sentence fragments/incomplete sentences.

15. Review rules on commas and semi-colons.

16. Vary the wordinga¦avoid using words repetitiously.

17. Vary the beginning of sentencesa¦avoid a?The author saida¦The author dida¦The theme wasa¦a?

18. Do not begin sentences with: But, So, And, Because

19. Do not use contractions.

20. Avoid using quotes from any source.

21. Proper Spacing:

a. 1a? Margins

b. Font Size a Times New Roman 12pt; Courier 12pt; or Arial 11pt

c. No extra spacing before or after paragraphs

Put a Title on the paper.

24. Make sure that your paper includes an Introductory Paragraph and a Concluding Paragraph.

25. The first sentence of the Introductory Paragraph should grab the readeras attention.

26. The last sentence of the Introductory Paragraph should explain the goal or purpose of the paper.

27. The concluding paragraph should sum up the paper and add any final thoughts.

28. Avoid writing in first and second person as much as possible. I realize this is an opinion paper, so get creative and vary your wording. The review section is the only area that first person is acceptable.

29. Avoid using questions in the paper. Phrase them as statements.

30. Write the paper in past tense.