Comment (critique) on the essay about Platos Republic

The essay to be commented on based on this instruction:

List the key components of the image (shadows, puppeteers, fire, light, etc.) and then note the symbolic significance of each. Note comparison with the images presented previously of the sun and the line (see 517b. et al.).
Note how the allegory of the cave is illustrative of Platoas philosophy of education in the Republic.
Consider the following question: what, based on your close reading of the allegory, is the ultimate aim of this education?
Write an essay that uses specific moments in the text, perhaps from the allegory of the cave but perhaps from elsewhere in the text, (cite these with paragraph numbers and letters), to answer the following question:

Does Platoas form of education in the Republic better prepare the reader to become (a) an agent of socio-political change or (b) an enlightened philosopher or (c) both, because politics and philosophy are inextricably linked?

So, critique the essay when it does not suit the instruction above based on the Platos Republic, G.M.A. Grube & C.D.C. Reeve (1992) translation, 2nd edition.