Comment (critique) on the essay titled Contemporary Utopia

The file titled Contemporary Utopia is the essay that will be critiqued on. The essay was written based on these questions : 1. how does this utopia function as an ideal community? As in both Thomas More and Platos utopic texts, utopia is not a vision of how to make life perfect for one individual. It is an attempt to create/imagine a better community. 2. what sort of social critique is leveled by this utopia? What aspects of society does the utopia reject or actively work against? How does it present an alternate model? 3. Does this utopia inspire social change? What form would the social change inspired by this utopia take?

Please critique or comment the essay based on both Thomas Mores Utopia and Plato Republic. I have only the PDF of Thomas Mores Utopia. For Platos Republic : G.M.A. Grube & C.D.C. Reeve (1992) translation. Thank you.