Comment on the financial ratios on the companys annual report

hi this an assignment of manegerial finance and accounting.
You are a management trainee in a consulting firm,
who has been assigned to lead four other
colleagues in generating a financial report to your
client, who is interested to invest some
money in a public company listed on the London Stoc
k Exchange. (home retail company)
Your group are required to research, analyse and in
terpret the relevant information of the
company chosen by your group and make recommendatio
n to your client through
a well-
structured financial report.
Your financial report with word limit of 100 words
main thing to do in my part is

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company
To adequately cover this part, your group is requir
ed to address the following issue: –
Based on the annual reports
of your chosen company, calculate, analyse and
comment on the relevant financial ratios for 5 year.
(i.e. the immediate past five
financial years of your chosen company). Apply cons
olidated amounts in your
calculations of relevant financial ratios.

ill give you the reports once the order is placed thanks.