Commentary on the poem Dinner Party 1940″

The work I am ordering is a commentary (analysis) of the poem Dinner Party 1940by Philip Sherlock. There are four guiding questions provided that dont necessarily need to be followed but are often helpful. As many literary devices such as; similes, metaphors, imagery, alliteration, etc as possible need to be used. It is important to explain why they are used and what they show and foreshadow.
I have already spent a lot of time analyzing the poem and therefore have some good ideas and information for the writer to include. The title gives a way that the poem is about the second world war. The people in the poem are most probably high-class people as they are eating guava jelly which is a very special and exotic fruit and dont seem to care about war. The first sentence Do you mind the news while we eat?refers to the housekeeper asking the guests to switch on the radio. The well-bred voice form Daventryrefers to the voice speaking over the radio. Even though hes talking about a horrible event such as war, the people arent becoming quiet which shows their ignorance. A very important metaphor that needs to be stated and described is found in lines 6 and 7. Its syllables.. not silencing augmentingrefers to the pointless chitchat that wont stop and just keeps getting bigger and the endless war that wont stop