Commercial bank of Dubai in United Arab Emirates

The assignment would consist of a written report on a specific topic relevant to towards
international financial economics issues. Due to the status of the financial crisis
nowadays, it is a must for fresh professionals like MBA graduates to fully understand that
the different scenes between the crisis. This semesteras topic is as follows:
You are recruited by Deutsche Finance Gulf Bank as a financial economist and your first
task is to showcase your ability to analyse how any microeconomic event will affect the
companyas aim of maximizing profits. The CFO divides your main task as follows:
Choose 1 publicly listed company in the UAE, within the Financial sector and analyze
the companyas stock using your managerial economics skills, e.g. use some demand and
supply analysis tools. The Financial Sector includes both Banks and Investment &
Financial Services Corporations.
To assist you in your task, your senior manager mentioned about the following:
Your project should include, but not restricted to the following sections:
a. A brief historical background of the company in terms of performance,
benchmarking against industry, and major changes in the past or foreseeable future.
b. Analysis of company using economic tools learnt throughout the course.
Knowledge and skills of other fields like finance, management, marketing,
accounting among others can also be complemented to your project if you feel it
would add value to your recommendations.
c. A simple forecast of how you think the Demand and Supply of the banksa
products/services are going to change and how that will affect the profit of the
business. This should be based on your underlying model(s), and other information
like microeconomic/ macroeconomic news.
d. Present your findings to the class and make concluding remarks on your analysis.
The Project presentation involved will carry a total weight of 10%, while the written
report would carry 20% weightage. The project presentation is highly encouraged by
your Professor to promote the communication skills of our MBA students.
Although itas a take home assignment, just be aware that plagiarism is a form of cheating.
The penalty for plagiarism is a mark of zero and possible expulsion from the unit and/or
course of study.

please add some charts and digrams related to the discreption of the articles