Commercialisation of Research Findings in Malaysi

Write a discussion paper on commercialisation of Research Findings in Malaysia by evaluating success by other countries, while identifying factors that stifle our own success. Suggest business ideas that can enhance commercialisation of R&D, by reviewing what
AIMS (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia or Malaysian Innovation Agency) of the Prime Ministers
office are doing, and also other areas in Malaysia both governmental and private
Describe research, areas, and background
Whiy research is necessary as new frontier for bussines
Economic develovpoment
Research funding to date in quatum and for what areas
How the research can spur economy and bussinees
Commercialization succeses and in what a¦.
Summary of issues affecting commercialisation

. 65% Content, validity, relevance, contemporary issues, other pertinent
. 10% Clarity of presentation and Language
. 10% Completeness of report, with introduction, summary, appendices