Commercialization plan for Electric Cars

Project Name: Electric Cars
Background: Many of the auto manufacturers are developing hybrid cars, combining both gasoline engines and electric engines. A Canadian company is developing a fully electric car that has a range (200 km) compatible with most city driving needs before it requires charging. Future engine refinements will double the range by 2017.

Product Description: The car is a fully functioning car for 4 passengers and limited production is available now (approximately 75 cars per month) with output being ramped up in late 2014 to 200 cars per month. Production facilities are based in Ontario. These will be available with several options (to be determined) and different colors. No dealers are established at this point.

Request: Please provide a commercialization plan for this opportunity which includes:
Executive summary:
i?? Compelling planwhat is the plan? The problem? The need?
i?? How does your product solve the problem?
i?? Synopsis of your product & commercialization plan with major points from all sections?
i?? Description of product
i?? Prototype status
i?? Intellectual Property Status
Industry Analysis:
i?? Definition of your industry/sector
i?? How does the industry work? Why is the industry a good one for your business?
i?? Size, life cycle status, characteristics , drivers
i?? Trends ( historical and current)
i?? Barriers to entry
i?? Typical sales pattern & profit margin
Potential Market Applications:
i?? Definition of primary/ secondary target markets ( location, size)
i?? Key market factors( demographics, economics, social, legal)
i?? Market segmentation ( Key variable)
i?? Results of the primary research (customer profile, needs analysis, demand calculation)
Potential challenges /risks:
i?? Technology risks
i?? Business model risks
i?? Market risks
i?? Execution risks
Path to commercialization:
i?? Market entry strategy
i?? Timelines & milestones