Communicating fashion: shoes and fabric through time

Assignment: Write a five-page paper commenting and criticizing the two french books:les sommets de la mode (the summits of fashion) by Elizabeth Semmelhack and Histoire des tissus en France (history of fabrics in france) by Alexandra FOU.

the summits of fashion focuses only on shoes, and how it has evolved and changed since the very beginning until the present.

history of fabrics focuses on material and how it has evolved since medieval times.

Since the books are in french, and there are no english versions, I wrote outlnes for each, which i will attach:

for les sommets de la mode i have prepared a very detailed outline and visual. it outlines the different parts and summarizes the content within each, in order through the timeline of shoes.

however, for histoire des tissus en france I could not outline in detail, but I provided the major chapters within the book with helpful links and photos.

The core of the paper is proving that you have done the reading. and FOCUS MORE ON criticizing and commenting on CONTENT of the books! that is crucial.

Analyse closely the changes in design and utility throughout history up until today, and include your own views and criticism as well. analyze the photos, designer or manufacturers, people who wear them etc.

focus on the writers division of chapter or subject, what is the affect of that? look at the contrast between the two techniques (the one on shoes looks at every detail from day one of shoes until present day and designers)
however the one on fabrics focuses mostly on medieval times up until the 18th century.
both writers however provide many pictures throughout, keeping the visual interesting and easy to follow.

since the outline on shoes is more useful and interesting then the other book, you can focus and write more on it. Analyze deeply and thoroughly throughout the paper. analyze the photos provided, shapes, designs etc. use examples of designers, celebrities etc.

write about the book on fabrics, its changes through time, its evolution in clothing, and how it evolved into other domestic parts of peoples lives, sich as the household, etc. and then can link it to shoes, and other major parts of our lives today.

focus on fashion, what they mean, represent to the one wearing them, socially or culturally.

these are just ideas and suggestions.