Communicating with children who have autism

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Government policy documents

This literature review is part of a Dissertation, based on an investigation of an issue/concern related to early years policy, provision/ or practice. This is the assessment criteria for the whole assignment.
1. Review a selected issue/concern related to early years policy, provision or practice to be investigated.
2. Design an investigation which has clearly defined aims, closely linked to relevant theory and literature, in which appropriate research methods are identified and evaluated.
3. Analyse issues and findings in relation to the aims of the research, with close regard to published data/literature.
4. Use the evidence from the analysis of findings, linked to relevant theory, to construct a view of the issue/concern and to draw appropriate conclusions.
5. Produce a clear and coherent dissertation which draws on a wide range of sources, referenced appropriately using the Harvard system.

This is guidance given to help with the literature review.
Your review of literature relating to your chosen field of study:
 You need an introduction which gives an overview of the findings from your search of the literature.
What have you been reading about?
What range of sources have you drawn on? *
What is the  currency of your material...consider the age of the sources.:
you may need to discuss/ justify relevance of material.
Ensure that all the sources you use are directly related to the topic.

 Organise your information&
Think about the key messages that have come through your reading/ research and organise them logically.
What are the key messages?
Which authors are useful to support your points?
Can you group any views together? This can avoid repetitiveness.
Do you have any views from sources that challenge the main arguments?

 Summarise your findings from the literature you have read and show how these lead to the main  research questions for your own smallscale study.
It is worth you starting your list of references. Follow the guidance you have been given about referencing.
Note any key quotes that you would like to use later.

 Remember that you will need to refer back into the literature review when you carry out the analysis.
Harvard system