Communication between couples of different ethnicitys

Interpersonal Communication

Purpose: Expand your familiarity with research and bredth of study within the field of Communication Studies. Students are asked to explore an interpersonal communication topic of interest by locating academic research, summarizing discoveries, synthesizing finding, integrating discoveries with concepts from the text and suggesting value of discoveries.

4 full pages
MLA format
-3 quality sources outside the text
-2 of the sources must be from an academic journal related to Communication Studies field

1. Opening paragraph-introduce the topic of the paper, present a thesis connecting the points of outside research, and present an overview of the articles/content to be presented.
2. Three summaries of the articles reviewed. Text referece may be useful to raise your grade, here. (each summary may be 1-3 paragraphs.)
3. Conclusion sectiona summary of your summaries, if you will, which draws your finding into a unifed whole and links them to our study of communication. This is an appropriate section of the paper to show how the different articles relate to each other and to concepts from the text. Finally, it is in this section that you suggest the possible value of this information in improving interpersonal communication. (this is the section of the paper that separates the As and Bs from the Cs. (Length of this section: anywhere from 1-4 paragraphs.)

I wanted to have the paper be on interpersonnal communication between couples of different ethnicities or backgrounds. Hopefully this is helpful.