Communication Dashboard Project Description

communication Dashboard Project Description
This project involves the application of Katie Painei??s assessment methodology, as described in her book Measure What Matters, to the assessment of a communication vehicle or campaign. The Communication Dashboard Project (CDP) is the capstone research project for all students in the Masteri??s in Corporate and Organizational Communication program.
Project contents (Format: Word document, single-spaced, 6000-9000 words, including charts and graphs i?? raw data tables and measurement tools like survey questions should be placed in an appendix at the end of the paper):
1. Description of communication vehicle or campaign and definition of communication and business objectives
i?? Brief description of the communication vehicle or campaign
i?? Three well-defined communication objectives and rationale for selecting them
i?? Explanation of how the communication vehicle elements or functionality
support the objectives i?? include screenshots where appropriate
2. Description of organizational environment and target audiences
i?? For an internally-focused communication vehicle, a description of the organizational environment, communication networks, audience profile, etc.
i?? For an externally-focused communication vehicle, a description of the marketplace, marketing strategy, audience profile
3. Description of benchmarks -internal and external
i?? Internal benchmarks include trends and goals
i?? External benchmarks include best practices, comparison with one or two
competitors in the case of external communication vehicles
4. Definition of key performance indicators
i?? Discussion of how KPIs were derived
i?? Includes KPI matrix relating KPIs to the communication objectives
5. Measurement tools and key data
i?? Design and deployment of two measurement tools
i?? Summary of measurement results
6. Analysis of results and recommendations for improvement
i?? Includes discussion of how measurement results help assess specific KPIs
i?? Recommendations include assessment of how effectively the communication vehicle or campaign is achieving the stated communication objectives.
7. Dashboard Visuals i?? 2 visuals, each showing the relationships of three KPIs -including thought process behind design
In evaluating the CDP, an additional score will be assigned to the quality of writing, organization, and graphics.
Note: for this project, we are skipping the determination of ROI (Paines step 3).
A draft comprising the first four sections of the project are due by the end of the third week of the course.
As part of this project, students must design two measurement tools, deploy them, and analyze the results. If measurement data already exist, the student must consult with the instructor regarding the appropriateness of these results for the CDP. Since this is a research project, we will strictly apply the APA guidelines for documentation and citations. For a project to exceed the i??satisfactory worki?? level, students should reference at least 10 sources in the paper, in addition to course materials.
In prior Communication Assessment courses, students have assessed company e-newsletters and publications, intranets, public websites, corporate Facebook Pages, marketing communication campaigns, online communities, fundraising campaigns, and ad campaigns.
Students usually select a communication vehicle or campaign that they are involved with in some way at work. Others, typically full-time students, opt to assess an organizationi??s public website i?? recent examples include the websites of the Museum of Fine Arts, Starbucks, Wine Spectator, Lululemon, Banana Republic, and Ducati. Corporate Facebook Pages and marketing campaigns have also been he subject of CDPs.